Party Worth Crashing:

The music of Kerrigan and Lowdermilk
Off Broadway

Our Time Players is gearing up for its first mainstage production, Party Worth Crashing. The original ensemble-created song cycle is based on the music of composer/lyricist team Kerrigan and Lowdermilk. Known for hits such as "Run Away With Me", "Say the Word", and most recently the off-Broadway musical The Mad Ones, Broadway Blog says of the duo "The next great writing team of musical theater has arrived." Party Worth Crashing follows a group of twenty somethings as they balance life, love, and stumble into adulthood.


"This music is so authentic and applicable to this stage of life

that we all have or are currently navigating", says director Olivia

Gordon, "All of these characters handle this onslaught of

responsibility and freedom that comes with your 20s differently.

This cast so beautifully captures the joy, heartbreak, and discovery

of #Adulting. I couldn't imagine anything more fitting for the company's

maiden voyage."




The production will play

the historic Connelly

Theaterin the East

Village (220 E 4th St.)

and will run November

14-18 2018 (14-16th at 8pm,

17th at 2pm

and 8pm, 18th at 2pm).



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